How to Trigger Her Sexual Hot Button

33 Powerful tricks

Have you ever wondered why a short bald guy seems to get girls falling at his feet, and gorgeous ones at that. But you struggle to find anyone to give you the time of day. But what I am about to  tell you is nothing to do with how she feels but what she hears.

I like to say sex happens in the body but eroticism happens in the mind. And with women, unlocking her sexual imagination is the most powerful component to physical intimacy. Frankly, it is what will make her think of you as the best she’s ever had.

How to trigger her sexual hot button
How to trigger her sexual hot button. It’s not what you think.

When you learn these words that are guaranteed to turn her on, you will go from average guy to sexual superhero.

There are two core emotional triggers that women have…

1. She wants to feel sexually irresistible
2. She wants to feel adored

Now, don’t worry, there is  plenty of advice about mastering the other “button” in my program Language of Lust (big hint: stop thinking of it as a button). Let’s face it, technique is certainly part of the equation.

However, the first piece of your sexual technique is what you say and how you make her feel.

How to wake up her “Naughty” side
How to wake up her “Naughty” side.
The “Naughty” Word That Turns Her On At Will

Pretty much every woman you meet carries some degree of anxiety about her sexuality and her looks. Because women are told since they were a child that their sexuality is not something to be proud of. If you explore your sexual feelings you are called names and made to feel dirty. So when she starts to feel something that makes her feel sexy she starts to feel shameful. She is also told that she must look pretty to get ahead in life and her value is based on how she looks.

And even the most confident woman you know, the one who looks on the outside to be sexually aware and confident of her body can have a fear of who she shares her body with, and most of importantly how she shares it.

That is why it’s so incredibly important for you to make her feel safe to unleash her inner sex Goddess.

You start to create that safe place for her to relax and connect through the language you engage her with.

Hot Button Phrases
The easiest and best place to start is with a few specific phrases. These are great to send as text messages but they work well face to face, too.

Don’t worry if you are not in the habit of saying these types of things, sometimes if you start out talking too dirty or in a way you are not used to, it doesn’t come off as being natural. I think starting out rated PG is your best bet. You can always take it more explicit later.

33 Powerful tricks
How to Trigger Her Sexual Hot Button

-You have me so turned on just thinking of you.

-Your body is so beautiful, I love exploring every inch.

-What are you doing to me? I can’t stop thinking about you.

-Damn, I am one lucky man.

-You turn me on like no other woman.

-I love how much pleasure you give me.

-You feel so amazing, you know that right?

-I find you completely irresistible.

-You have me crazy with desire for you.

Go on try them on your girlfriend or wife today and see what happens, and save this page to come back to it when you can see how good it works.

So these are just a few examples. If you can’t wait and I don’t see how you can and you are ready to learn how to awake the sexuality of your woman either you are dating her or in a serious relationship with and be the Sex God of her dreams, and make her addicted to you and only you, then Check out video I promise you she will be glad you did.

Language of Lust

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