How to get the girl

What do women want in a guy? It can be quite confusing as you are often told different things. They want a bad boy or they want someone to treat them like a lady.

The truth is like men, women are all different in there tastes. I know that doesn’t help much, but if everyone was the same it would be boring wouldn’t it.

So lets say you’ve met some amazing girl who ticks all the right boxes for you, she’s beautiful, intelligent and you laugh at all the same jokes. But does she feel the same way about you?

Read on to find tried and tested ways you can get the girl you like to feel the same way about you.

Are you stuck in the "Desire Gap" with women???
Are you stuck in the “Desire Gap” with women???
(what she wants) (what she thinks she wants)

1. Give her all of your attention. If you are talking to a girl you like it makes sense to give her all of your attention. Make her feel as if she is the only girl in the room. Pay attention to what she says and ask follow up questions. Don’t keep scanning your eyes across the room to see who else is there.

2. Tease her, have a light hearted discussion on your favourite bands or tease her about her favourite sports team. But don’t go over board, it needs to be light hearted not to turn into a full on argument.

3. Make fun of yourself, women love to have a good laugh and love a guy with a great sense of humour. So when a guy does something goofy or funny it makes a girl smile and it can be kind of sexy. It also shows that you are comfortable in your own skin and don’t need to big yourself up all the time to feel good.

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4. Take care of your appearance. Not every girl worries if you follow the latest fashion tips but good hygiene is a must. Always clean your teeth, have showers and look like you haven’t just found your clothes crumbled under the bed and just threw them on. You don’t have to look like Channing Tatum but you do need to take pride in how you look and to make the best of what you’ve got.


5. Girls love a guy who makes them feel safe. A man who can take care of her and show off his masculine side. But be warned men who start a fight with another guy just because he is looking at your girl is a definite no no. Instead show her that you will defend her if necessary, now that is sexy.


6. Be confident in yourself, know what you want and have a plan. Tell her your dreams for the future and believe in yourself.

7. Really listen to her. Show her that you are generally interested in what she has to say. Ask her relevant questions and wait for her to answer, don’t interrupt.

8. Don’t be afraid to “act like a man” A woman loves a man who is good with his hands, and can do outdoorsy stuff like build a fire, or go trekking through the woods. It is very sexy to see a man hold his own in an outdoor environment.

9. Be thoughtful, if you know she loves a certain film or band get her and you tickets to go and see them. She will be pleased that you were thoughtful and thought of her. And it could end up being your first date together. 🙂

10. Support her and see her as your equal. Women are not just for having babies and cleaning the house. Support her and be interested in her hopes and dreams for the future. Believe in her potential.

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11. Be a gentleman. Holding the door open for her is good manners and maybe some might believe a little old fashioned. But it is nice to make her feel like a lady.

12. Don’t put down her family. Even if she says something about them it doesn’t mean you can jump in and say something or put them down.

13. Be honest, if you like her let her know. Quite often a girl won’t see a guy anything more than a friend until she knows for sure he likes her and then it’s like a light has switched on and she starts to see him in a new light.

So you can see there are a few ways to get the girl and the best way is to be a nice guy. Don’t worry about the saying nice guys finish last, it isn’t true they are just in a different race.

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