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How to hook up with a girl you meet online

Sometimes when we go online we are not looking to find the one to settle down with or even to have any type of serious relationship with, sometimes we are looking for a hook up. A night of hot sex with a girl you find irresistible and is looking for casual sex the same as you.

But how do you go about asking whether a girl wants to hook up with you or will run a mile?
Well online dating sites such as love dating and sex puts all the hard work into finding a woman who is just looking for a one night stand so you don’t have to waste your time or money on finding the one you like the look of only to find out she’s looking for a more serious relationship.

But even when you’ve met someone to hook up with online you still have to convince her to choose you over other guys who are sending her messages.
Read more on how you can send her messages that will get her feeling hot and sexy and ready for a night of casual sex.

If you find the girl cute chances are many other guys find her cute too and are sending her messages.
So the first message you send her is important. By no means please don’t send “Hi” or “Hey” as all you will get back if anything is a “Hi” or “Hey” back.
Conversation will be like…
You: “Hi”
Her: “Hi”
You: “How’s Things?”
Her: “Good Thanks, You?”
You: “Good Thanks.

Now what else can you add on to that? There’s not much to go on with it is there and it’s quite boring. So when she has other men that make the effort to stand out a bit more even if all they want is sex who do you think she is going to choose? Someone that makes her sit up and listen or someone who can’t be bothered to write anything more than a “Hey” or worse nothing at all. Don’t be one of those guys, be interesting.

Stand out from the pack. For a normal average guy you need to take the initiative and start the conversation by sending her a great first message that will stand out from the other guys.
A good way to decide what to write is to follow these rules:

Be different.
Make her feel emotion, if when she reads your message and she feels is meh, next. She will go on to the next guy without giving you a second thought.
Tailor it to her, don’t be generic. Copy and paste message very rarely work. Instead read her profile and ask her questions based on what she wrote.

Be creative and make her laugh. A good cheesy chat up line is great. Sure it’s cheesy but that is what makes them fun, and if you can make a girl laugh you’re half way to getting her into bed, or so they say.

Be honest, let her know from the beginning you are not looking for a serious relationship, but more of a one night stand.

Make an effort, even if you are both on the understanding that all either of you want by the end of the night to end up in bed don’t be lazy. It says a lot about a guy who can make an effort with a girl on how good he is in bed.

Once you have decided a time and place to meet, start the foreplay straight away. Don’t wait until you see her, get her and you in the mood by sending flirty dirty texts to each other. As you both know what is going to happen there is no need to start too small. But build it up so by the time you meet neither of you can’t wait to get your hands on each other. Tell her in every small detail what you plan on doing to her that night, and what you are hoping she will do to you.

Find out exactly or there about’s what you are expecting with regards to sex. Many people have different ideas on what good sex is. Is she in to bondage or does she like to dress up. These are the things you can hopefully find out on her profile, but if not try asking about her sexual likes and dislikes. Don’t worry about asking to many questions you are not dating so basically you just want to have a good time and go about the best way of doing it.

Make her feel good. If you want to have amazing sex make the girl you are with feel amazing. Tell her how amazing her body is and how turned on she makes you. Make her feel naughty by telling her every time you thought of her fit body at work you got a hard on and had to hide from the boss. She will be pleased that she gave you an erection with out even touching you. When you make a woman feel like the sexiest woman alive they will act like it and want to pleasure you and love doing it.

Let the woman choose where to meet up, don’t try and force her to meet at yours or even at hers if she does not want to. The woman needs to feel safe if she is going to have a good time. So be a gentleman and let her chose where to meet up.

Decide if you are going to have a drink first or just have sex. Having a quick drink can loosen you both up a bit if you are feeling nervous, but don’t get too drunk as you may have trouble performing.
If you are meeting at a hotel ask for room service to bring a bottle of wine up and some nibbles which will help with first time nerves and can be used for great sex objects. Example: Try eating fruit off each others bodies.

Remember to always be safe when meeting for sex for the first time, and if either of you wants to pull out that is fine. Sex is meant to be fun.

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