How to please a woman in bed

Are you in a relationship with a woman who doesn’t like to tell you what she likes in bed, maybe she is shy and not able to communicate what turns her on. But don’t let that worry you. We are here to help show you what a woman loves and is hoping you will do in bed to her.

Pay attention to her breasts, lick and suck around the nipple but don’t just pay attention to that area use your hands to trace your fingers around the outer sides of her breasts. A womans clevage is a sensitive area so don’t be too rough treat them gently only getting a little rough if she is showing that she likes it.

Surprise her with a quickie, Don’t wait until she is tired at the end of the night before suggesting you go to bed, surprise her when she gets home but removing her underwear as soon as she walks through the door and taking her right there and then.

Talk dirty to her, women are not as visual as men but words can be very powerful. Tell her how much you love her body and how when she touches you it turns you on and makes you feel so good.

Don’t forget her neck, gently nibble at the bottom of her neck near her shoulders is a good place to start. Then try gently licking up towards the back of her ear then softly blow where you licked. The sensation of the hot and cold mixed together will give her a sexy sensation.

Kiss her during sex, many guys will kiss during foreplay but will stop as soon as full intercourse happens. While you are inside her look her in the eyes and kiss her fully on the lips, kiss her hard and soft use the rhythm of sex to decide the hardness of the kiss.

Take charge more often, if she’s on top grab her by her hips and push/pull her back and forth in the rhythm that you want. If you want to change position don’t ask just do it.

Don’t just start in the bed, grab her by the waist so she can wrap her legs around you while giving her hot passionate kisses on her lips while moving down towards her breasts, grabbing them as if you can’t get enough of her.

When a woman trusts you with her body it can be very sexy for both of you. Some women like to be tied up, try using silk scarves and tie loosely so she can get out if she wants too.

Be romantic, where a quickie is good and hot so is a romantic love making session. Show her that it is not just her body you want her for but also everything else that comes with it.

Undress her slowly, and take in every inch of her body. Let her know how hot and sexy she makes you feel.

If you are brave try going public, have a hot make out session while you are out as if you cant wait until you get home to hold her, tell her you need to get home in the next five minutes or you are going to have to have her right there and then.

Dress up, women love a guy in uniform so if your job doesn’t come with a uniform hire one from the store and surprise her with your best officer impression. If she likes to as well she can dress up and you can do role play.

Often when a woman holds back in bed it is because she doesn’t feel comfortable in completely letting go. Show her that she can trust you and what ever she does is fine with you. It doesn’t matter if you are only starting dating or been dating for a while you can make a woman feel sexy and confident in bed.

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