How to spice up your sex life

Is your sex life getting boring? do you remember the times you and your partner would rip each others clothes off as soon as you saw each other and would have wild passionate sex where ever you could. But now the only times you have sex is when you are in bed and you couldn’t call it passionate by any terms of the imagination. Read on for more tips to spice up your sex life.

Be unpredictable, if you always meet your husband when he comes home with a cup of tea try instead welcoming him home in your sexiest lingerie and jump him as soon as he closes the front door, you can be sure he will appreciate the moment.

Flirt with each other. Don’t leave the flirting to teenagers, spend time showing and telling your partner how sexy you find them. Be a little naughty.

Try something new. If you have never tried a sex toy or dressed up, maybe today is the time you can try out something new. Take a look here at Amazon for some great sex toys for men and women.

Talk about your fantasies, do you have a secret fantasy you have yet to share with your other half. Then start sharing with them today. If you are worried about how they will react, start small at first then when you feel ready tell them your utmost fantasy. Ask them to share there fantasies as well and take it in turns to bring those fantasies to life.

Don’t wait until you are together before you start the foreplay
, if you are not seeing each other until the evening send them a sexy message in the morning telling them what you plan on doing to them that evening. Passion at the push of a button.

Use mirrors, put mirrors around the room to enhance your sexual excitement. Great to use when having sex with another couple. You can watch each other while having sex with someone else. Check out for some more swinging fun.

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