How to turn a woman on

How to turn a woman on


You’ve been thinking about her all day, you’re as horny as hell and you can’t wait to rip her clothes off as soon as she walks through that door later on tonight.

You start to imagine those tiny little panties with tieable laces that you can pull with one sweep of the hand and they effortlessly fall down to her ankles leaving nothing to the imagination.

Falling to her knees she takes you in her hand and slowly rubs your manhood before taking you in a mouth until you are ready to explode.

You can’t wait for this scenario to come true. But you know she has also will have had a busy day at work and maybe won’t be in the mood to relive your sexual fantasy when she walks through the door.

So how do you get your woman in the mood to have sex with you?

To start with don’t wait until you see her before putting the plan into motion. Start right now. You may not be able to call her but there is always text. Even if your company has a no phone policy it will feel even naughty and that little bit more sexier if you send texts to each other while at work.

Let her know that you are thinking of her and can’t wait to see her tonight. Start small and gradually build it up during the day. Tell her you can’t wait to see her wearing the sexy underwear she has brought, if you want to be a little cheeky say you can’t wait to see it on your bedroom floor.

Make her feel beautiful and sexy. When you want a woman to have sex with you it can’t be all about your needs and wants. If you want a woman to sleep with you and enjoy it you need her to feel like she’s the sexiest woman in the world. Let her know how hot you think her breasts are and how love the feel of them against your skin. Or maybe you love the feeling of her legs wrapped around your waist as you take her against the wall. If she feels confident in her body she is more likely to want to show it off to you which is a bonus.

Don’t just tell her that her body is beautiful, what is the sex like with her? How does she make you feel when her hands trace down your back or when her tongue slowly runs up your thigh and takes you by surprise? Make her feel like a sex goddess that you struggle to control your feelings for.

Now you may find by sending her texts throughout the day she will already be in the mood when she sees you but if not help her to relax. Quite often when we get back from work we still have work on the brain and it is hard to switch off. Ask her about her day and let her talk about it for a bit to get everything off her chest don’t rush her and don’t interrupt just listen.

Offer to give her a massage to get rid  of any tensions of the day. Get in advance sexy massage oils that you can use. If you are lucky she might then offer you a massage in return.

Clean your sheets, yes it goes without saying but make sure everything is clean, and that includes you. Before she arrives change your bedcovers, have a quick clean and hoover around and pop in the shower.

If you make the effort in making her feel relaxed and happy with you, it is a win win situation for you both.

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