Sexy Sugar Babies Wanted

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a sugar baby? Maybe you had thought it would be interesting but it would never be anything you can do, maybe you think only girls who look like glamour models are wanted or maybe at the age of forty you feel to old to be a sugar baby.

Now what is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby provides companionship for the sugar daddy in exchange for being pampered. A companionship can mean different things to each sugar partnership, some options can be anything from having an allowance, help with tuition payments or maybe an investment in a sugar babies business venture. Being pampered can also mean different things to a sexual contract, casual dating, monogamous dating or being a partner to a married sugar daddy.
This is something you will need to discuss with your sugar daddy when discussing arrangements.

Don’t discuss your arrangements on a first date. The first date is the time to get to know one another and to get the feeling whether or not you can spend time with each other on a regular basis. Not all sugar baby/daddy relationships will work and that is fine you just need to find one that does.

If you don’t feel comfortable in some of the arrangements he is suggesting then you do not need to go ahead. An arrangement should be mutually beneficial where both parties are happy. If he asks you to do something after arrangement is in place, explain that you will need to rethink the arrangement agreement and if you are not happy you do not have to go ahead with it.

What you do with the money or gifts is up to you. You do not have to explain why or how you spend your money. So if your sugar daddy insists on you telling him what you are going to do with the money he gives you politely decline, and let him know once it is yours it is yours to do as you please.

You don’t need to be a model in your twenties to be a sugar baby, many women in there forties can be sugar babies to men in there fifties or sixties plus and being a glamour model with huge breasts is not always what they want. Always be clean and well presented and take care of your appearance, don’t turn up late to a date wearing last nights clothes. One of the reasons men like to have a sugar baby is to have a beautiful woman on there arms. So whether you are twenty two or forty two it doesn’t matter.

Be socially intelligent. Where good looks is important so is being able to hold an intelligent conversation.

Don’t be needy, if he suddenly has to go on a out of town trip, don’t keep asking when he will be back. Use this time to spend time with your friends or family and doing the things you love to do.

Don’t get too comfortable. Unlike in some relationships when you start to relax and start to wear your pj’s around the house being a sugar baby means you will always need to look your best when you are with your sugar daddy, unless he likes it of course.

Stick to your agreement. Don’t cancel or arrive late to a date looking flustered. If you have a problem don’t off load it on him, instead have a friend you can talk to.

But, be discreet. Don’t post pictures of them on your social media accounts or discuss your relationship with anyone else but him.

Maximise your relationship. If your sugar daddy has contacts that will help you in your business venture ask him to introduce you to them. This is not something that should be done lightly though. Don’t mention it to much at the beginning of a partnership, just casually let him know once you have been seeing each other for a while and he can see that by introducing you to his contacts will not go badly on him.

Having a sugar baby/daddy relationship can be mutually beneficial to both parties and does not need to be sleazy. So if you feel that being a sugar baby is something you would like to do sign up below. Don’t worry it’s free to sign up and browse.