What to do after you've asked a girl out

You’ve asked a girl out. Now what?

You’ve seen a girl you like either online or maybe she’s a friend of a friend and you are hoping to ask her out. Now once you’ve mustered up the courage to ask her out what next?

Well asking her out is the hardest part the rest even though still a bit nerve racking, is slightly easier as she has said yes and agreed to go out on a date with you.


First things first, don’t ask her out on a date without any clue about where or when you are going to go. The best thing to do would be to find out what she likes either by asking a friend or if messaging her online ask her questions about her favourite bands or films etc. This will then give you a small understanding of what she likes.

Plan the date before hand, so instead of saying would you like to go out for a drink one evening. Say there’s a great band playing at (local bar) this Saturday night would you like to come and listen to them with me. This gives her a clear time and date for her to agree with.

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Don’t bombard her with messages once she says yes, especially insecure texts asking if she is sure and is she still up for the date. Instead if the date is only a few days away you can send her a one or two messages confirming a place and time to meet.

Now you’ve asked her out and got the date planned, and she said yes. Now it’s time to relax and have fun. Don’t stress about whether you are going to get a second or third date. Or if her political or parenting views are different to yours. Yes those things are important, but can and should wait a few more dates before discussing them.

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Don’t plan a date that is too romantic or expensive. For a first date you want the girl to get to know and like the real you, and when you have too much going on and have spent too much she can start to feel a little uneasy and feel expected to go on a second date with you. Now I know you probably are going to want a second date but she needs to want to because she likes you not for what you give her or how much money you spend on a date.


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